Monday, May 18, 2009

Phillip Island weekend 2009

May 15th, 16th & 17th was our annual Phillip Island Craft weekend. The usual debauchery, drinkies and dress ups took place. The theme for our Saturday night attire was the letter "P". Naturally, we (well, Rose) came up with the unique idea of wearing "post it"notes. Post it notes were stapled on pyjamas as well as on some op-shop treasures. Some were carfeully co-ordinated while others just stuck them anywhere ( and I mean anywhere!). There were post it earings, hair clips, necklaces, merkins and even more unmentionable, but quite decorative uses.
Here we have Belinda, Diane, Maureen and Rose post-it-ing all over the place

Belinda and Diane get up close and personal - note Belinda's tasteful heart post it necklace - also just in case you don't believe the craft bit of the weekend note poor crafters still at work in the background - We started our partay early!

Sherry - can't explain this pose - but note tasteful placement of her post its on her "p for purple" vest

Here Sharon, myself (Helen) and weekend virgin Brenda get into the swing of things. If you can take your eyes off Sharon for a minute, please note that I had "personalised" Helen post it notes stapled to me. Brenda was fortunate enough to be attending her first weekend at a time when Rose was in fine form - not since the infamous salami incident of 2003 have we enjoyed such witty repartee and gentile comedy from our Rose

Here Maureen and Rose (aka Patsy and Edina) do their pouty camera pose - note Maureen's tasteful co-ordination of post it notes with hair colour

Here Rose, Sherry and Karen enjoy some jocularity - a tad too much jocularity in fact

And here we are in all our glory - back row L to R Helen, Sherry, Brenda, Karen, Sharon - front row Belinda, Diane, Maureen and Rose
Usually, what happens at Phillip Island stays at Phillip Island, however, this year I am allowing you all a very small glimpse into our girlie weekend - more, I don't think anyone would like to view!
And as for the craft, I can assure you that some work did take place. Brazillian waxes.... er embroidery, mosaic mirrors, folk art, jewellery making, patchwork, teddy bear making, paverpol statue work, knitted bead bags, cake decorating and more DID actually take place. I just forgot to take photos of it!
Until May 2010
Helen Evans
PS Brown envelopes please or I show the rest of the photos

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