Monday, May 4, 2009

Bushfire quilt working bees

The local girls got together with the Cranbourne Regional Uniting Church members to make quilts for victims of the Victorian Bushfires this summmer. We mainly concentrated on QAYG blocks - as per instructions in this blog:
The Bushfire quilts effort is being run by many lovely Scquilters and others with JanMac running the show - see the blog:
for more details!
I took a few quilts to Adelaide to the Scquilters retreat - some of which I neglected to photograph. But here are more either donated, or made in the Devon Meadows Hall over a couple of weekends.
Pam made this from the book "One Fabric Quilts" and has donated it to the bushfire cause.

Pam also made this QAYG one during our working bees

My supplies

Rev Wendy, Kate, Leonie, Nola & Nola hard at work

Annie B doing some hand sewing

Completed rows of QAYG blocks

A stack of QAYG blocks

Annie L putting more blocks together

More blocks

Rows of blocks joined up for a QS quilt

Annie L's almost finished quilt made with Nola's blocks

A QAYG quiltfor a little girl - made by Tracey

Tracey's quilt

Another of Pam's QAYG quilts - I took this one to Adelaide

Laurel's quilt top in repro fabrics
At this point in time we also have 5 quilts being finished and have handed out other fabrics to willing volunteers, so we have an on-going project. Before I ship the quilts up to JanMac I will take more photos and put them on this blog.
Helen Evans

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