Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Movember - a little out of order!

Apologies for this being a tad out of order, but this is what happens when you leave it for 6 months to get your blog going.
Our Monday NQR group embraced Movember to do our bit for prostate cancer awareness. I could comment more, but I feel the photos speak for themselves!
A unique view of "70s porn star" Amber

Inge and Karen a distinguished pair if there ever was one.

A suitably sombre Susan

Marilyn and Pam in mo mode - Pam has obviously gone to a lot of trouble with her curled ends

Fran and Wendy redundant in their own splendour in the foreground and myself - looking suspisciously like a certain very nasty WW2 figure

Pauline looking her formal best, while Di lets the side down by behaving frivolously in the background

Maggy doing her bit, while Laurel also lets the side down with her jocularity

So, until Movember this year -when I do hope we can get a very serious looking group picture- but thanks to Amber for these great phone photos in the meantime!

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  1. I just found your blog via the BQTH list today. What a sense of humor you all have! I LOVE it!! This is hysterical! Karen in the Islands