Tuesday, June 15, 2010


29th February 2008bbbb
On the 13th of July 2009, we lost a beloved member of our Monday Group, of the Carrum Downs group, a regular visitor to my shed and a true friend.  After many months of ill health, Pauline Sarah Sisson passed away – peacefully with her husband Derek by her side. It has taken me all these months to feel that I could write a tribute to her.
Pauline was a brilliant quilter – yet she was so modest about her work. She was generous to a fault – helping many many fellow Scquilters and other friends behind the scenes – whether it was moral support during a crisis or teaching them the latest quilting technique she had seen on U-Tube or knew about just through her extensive knowledge and experience of quilting.
She was the cornerstone of the Monday group that met at the Cranbourne Community Centre every Monday – always coming up with brilliant suggestions for birthdays, for block swaps and for challenges.  Every time I do one of our famous “Pizza Lady” blocks, I think of her!  She was also our “bag lady” – she had made so many bags that she kindly decided to give away one to each of us – and we are not a small group.
Pauline was a keen, but shy participant in our monthly Scquilty get- togethers at Carrum Downs.  She was genuinely surprised by the positive comments when she brought one of her many quilts to Show and Tell, and as always, was on hand to comfort someone in need. A lot of Pauline’s stash is still being used in quilts for the Bushfire victims and other worthy causes – the goody bags the Carrum Downs girls donated to Gippsland Bushfire victims contained many of her rulers, patterns, magazines and other sewing notions.
It is with a great sense of pride and love that I now show the following  photos of Pauline and her work – as a tribute to her as a person and a quilter.
And here is my favourite photo of Pauline – during “Movember 2007” with Di Mitchell in hysterics in the background!
Pauline, you are sadly missed.
Helen Evans,
Devon Meadows, Vic.


  1. Beautiful Helen, You have definitely done Pauline justice. Thankyou

    xxx R

  2. Hello Helen,
    Thank you for doing this in rememberence of our dear friend Pauline.
    Pauline and I ordered/waited/and worked on the Vintage Valentine Quilt together encouraging one another.....Pauline finished hers (in what I thought was record time!!) and I have only done 5 blocks...I may pick it up and get it done,but not right now.
    I miss my dear friend so very much
    Oh!! I noticed that the photo of Pauline is one that she and I are both in when we met for coffee for the very first time!!!...that makes me feel good.
    Kind regards,
    Carole Shaw in Hamilton.