Thursday, April 9, 2009

About Helen's Shed Quilting Groups

About 12 years ago, a Scquilter friend in Sydney mentioned that she was getting a shed built in her backyard as her quilting hobby had outgrown her sewing room in the house. A light went on in my brain and I realised that this was exactly what I needed. A few days later, home in Devon Meadows (south east of Melbourne - approx. half way between Melbourne and Phillip Island), I got started on the plans.
The photos below tell the story of my studio aka "The Shed". With the exception of "The Great Wall of Fabric", it was all tidied up for these pictures. "The Great Wall of Fabric" - now famous on three continents - is, I am afraid, a work in progress!

I hold quilting classes here every Tuesday night (the "She'll be Right Quilters"), and once a month on a Wednesday. On Thursday night a friend conducts her teddy bear classes here as well. There is also a Monday group - there are too many of us for my humble shed, so we meet at the local Community Centre. This group (the "Not Quite Right Quilters") has been meeting for over 16 years and there are 16 of us in this group.

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